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Your Guide to Dealing with a Contractor

November 05, 2014

Your Guide to Dealing with a Contractor

Home contractors. Renovation contractors. There seems to be an abundance of them everywhere you turn. But before you enlist one for your next project, do you know the specifics to look for? Here is a quick guide on what factors to consider in order to ensure that you hire the right professional for your needs and that you do not fall victim of intermediaries, which can be costly.

Match professional portfolio with project goals

Let the accomplishments of the next contractor you hire do the talking! In todays world, it is easier to get references and reviews about just about any service providers and professionals from former clients and acquaintances. Perform a thorough research about the contractor's qualifications, certifications (if any) and most importantly their prior projects track record. Armed with this information you will be in a much better position to match contractors' portfolio with your project needs and less likely to fall prey of money hungry wannabe contractors in the guise of intermediaries.

Make protecting your interests a priority

When you consult with general contractors, it is essential that you establish their knowledge base in matters that directly address your needs. A good contractor will be forthcoming with important information pertaining liabilities that may fall on your shoulders before, during and after the renovation work is done. For instance, as the property owner, you face liability exposure, health and safety issues could arise or even pollution, stemming from the construction site and your property. With a knowledgeable contractor, they are able to put your mind at ease with suggesting what liability insurance you may need and information on how to better protect your interests. If you choose to work with intermediaries, you could be further exposed yourself to more liabilities.

Open up better channels of communication

You've heard of the saying that, too many cooks spoil the broth! If you are dealing with different contractors for different projects that are probably going on concurrently, that alone can be overwhelming. Now imagine adding an intermediary for each of those projects. A whole lot is likely to be lost in translation, to put it mildly. Direct communication with brokers will ensure that your project goals are promoted and the integrity of the whole project is protected. Budget needs will be addressed on a one on one basis, and any unexpected hiccups along the way communicated pronto. In other words, eliminating intermediaries cuts back on unnecessary bureaucracy that can stall your project and cost you time, money and a whole lot of headache.

Whether you are planning to build your first home, make renovations to your current home or are investing in a commercial property, selecting the right broker can make or break your project. Lay out your specific goals and vision together with your workable budget and get a good feel of which contractor impresses you most to be in a position to execute and make your dream home a reality. Visit Dilamco, Montreal General Contractor for consultation on your project needs.


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