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Winter Renovation Projects—Tips From A Renovation Contractor

December 20, 2013

Winter Renovation Projects—Tips From A Renovation Contractor

It’s That Time of Year Again!

Winter is here. As of tomorrow it’s official! While renovating your home may not seem like the most popular winter project, it is actually a great time to tackle many different home renovation projects. Your best bet is to call a renovation contractor to get specific information on your particular project to see if it’s feasible to tackle during the cold winter days.

Talk to Your Renovation Contractor!

Winter is often the quiet season for contractors. Especially in Canada. Many renovation contractors will have more time and open schedules, which is great for you. Having the freedom to schedule your renovations when it works for you is a huge benefit. Take some time to talk to your contractor and find out what suggestions or advice he/she has to offer about winter renovations and make your plan from there.

Which Renovation Projects are Great Choices for Wintertime?

Although you technically CAN do a lot of outdoor projects in the winter…it’s not much fun! Freezing temperatures make it uncomfortable to say the least, and you will have to modify and adjust plans and methods to fit with the icy cold conditions. The simple choice? Move it indoors! You can make the most of being trapped indoors by taking on those renovation projects that don’t require cutting a hole in the exterior wall, or climbing around on your roof!
1. Finish your basements!
Many newly built homes (and many existing homes too) don’t have finished basements in them. Winter is an excellent time to hire a contractor and get it done. What about adding an in-law suite or a basement suite that you can rent out? These renovations will add value to your home and potentially income in your pocket!
2. Interior renovations.
Now is the perfect time to have exclusive access to your renovation contractor! Have you been thinking about re-designing your kitchen? Maybe you want to knock out a wall and open up your home’s layout? As long as you’re not punching through to the outside, these kinds of projects are great to do this time of year.
3. Painting projects galore.
Winter can bring out the blahs in the most cheerful of people. Now’s the perfect time to brighten up your interiors with a fresh coat of paint. Remember to purchase quality paints that are low in VOC’s. And even though it’s winter, make certain you have adequate ventilation. A good contractor can help you choose the best products for your project.

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