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Winter Maintenance Tips from a Montreal General Contractor

November 28, 2013

Winter Maintenance Tips from a Montreal General Contractor
Winter is well on its way! As the temperatures dip below zero, many Montreal homeowners find themselves double checking their home’s winter maintenance list. Did we shut off the water? Are the screens put away? Commonly thought of pre-winter preparations. We have a few tips for you to make sure your home is ready for winter!
Read on to find out more on winterizing your home:

Energy Efficiency

We are all aware of energy efficiency. Don’t overlook these tasks because they can have a huge impact on your home’s efficiency and heating costs. First on the list is to check your home’s insulation. Are there areas missing it altogether? Whatever the case, make sure your insulation is up to par. Secondly, service your heating system. Have your ducts cleaned and make sure to change the filters every month in the peak heating season.
Check your windows! If your windows are not double paned, install storm windows or plastic inside to minimize heat loss. Burning wood can help offset the heating costs, but make sure your woodstove or fireplace has been properly cleaned and ventilated. Otherwise it will be sucking up the warm air from within your home to burn.

Check Your Pipes!

Pipes breaking in the dead of winter is something every homeowner will want to avoid. Repairs and clean-up from burst pipes is costly and beyond inconvenient. Make a point of shutting off all exterior taps and piping. Inside the home, double check your attic, exterior walls and basement for any exposed pipes that could potentially freeze.
If you have pipes that you’re concerned about, consider letting the water drip when the forecast is particularly cold. Even better install heat tap to piping where possible. You can also place portable heaters in areas that are susceptible to freezing. Sometimes just leaving an incandescent light bulb on is enough to keep a small area from freezing.

Winter Yard Care

Make sure your yard has been tidied up for the winter season! Tree branches can snap when ice and snow freezes to them, taking out power lines or damaging your home. Have your roof and gutters inspect too, you won’t enjoy repairing a roof in the winter! Gutters are particularly important since ice dams can form and do considerable damage to your roof and home.
If you suspect there are problems like this, call a Montreal general contractor to fix the situation.
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