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Top Winter Home Improvements

November 25, 2014

Top Winter Home Improvements

Here are 7 of the top home improvement tips for the coming winter:

1. Filling gaps in your insulation

While you may have the best loft insulation in existence, there's still a good chance there were slight gaps or that over the years, gaps have developed. Expanding foam should be sufficient for closing most gaps, but where the opening is considerable; you may have to re-matt certain sections. While using an expanding=foam filler may be fine, if re-matting it's highly recommended to use a face mask to avoid fiber-glass exposure.

2. Make sure your windows are airtight

Your rooms may be warm and cozy, but that won't last long if your windows are allowing that warm air to escape. Double or even triple-glazing can trap the air securely on one side of the window, cutting down your room re-heating costs dramatically. Your window panes could also be allowing air to escape, so applying a common filler is also a smart move.

3. Install energy-efficient lighting

Lighting can account for a large portion of your energy usage, especially in those deep-winter dark months where lights can be needed as early as 4PM. Replacing your old incandescent bulbs with one of the newer and numerous varieties of high-efficiency bulbs can save you up to $10 a year per installation. With dozens of lights in the average house, this could save you hundreds of dollars overall.

4. Sealing can-lights

While replacing lights is one thing, making sure the lights themselves aren't letting out warm air is an entirely different issue. Standard "can-lights" which can be found embedded into ceilings are a notorious source of lost heat. They are designed to allow air to escape, preventing the bulb from overheating, but if your fixture isn't seal-tight and secure, this safety feature could be literally draining the heat out of your rooms. A simple caulk or tape job can do the trick.

5. Make sure your heating system is the best it can be

Inefficient or defective heating systems can be a source of hidden costs in your energy budget. You could have the most efficient house possibly, but if your boiler is on the fritz, you're wasting energy at the source. Make sure you have a thorough inspection done on your heating system and attend to any problems you may find. It may seem expensive for a one-time job, but it can save you countless dollars in the long run and also catch any disaster-spawning issues that could cost you thousands when you least expect it.

6. Ensure your roof is as solid as your foundations

With harsh winter weather like snow, rain and ice, your roof can suffer over the years. Make sure your roof is sturdy and have it checked, as repairing damp, cracks or even cave-ins can be far more expensive in the long run.

7. Fit an electronic thermostat

Technology gives you power and what better way to manage power than technology? Fitting a smart-thermostat allows your heating system to only heat when necessary, to your choosing. This can save you a considerable amount of money and even time, as these devices can be controlled by your mobile device apps while away from home.

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