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To renovate or to build new: that is the question

May 23, 2012

To renovate or to build new: that is the question

You’ve probably been fooled before: you could have sworn it was a brand new house because each room was so beautifully crafted and sparkling with new appliances. To your astonishment, the owners actually bought an older building and renovated it using the latest green renovation techniques. I want one of these, you think.

There are several fantastic alternatives to building from scratch and buying new. Today, more and more developers are going the heritage route, searching for old homes or venues with character and important histories. Heritage Canada says that “by rehabilitating and greening older buildings, communities are helping to combat climate change, and conserve precious natural resources.” At the same time, you can contribute to environmental stability and land a house that no one else can replicate.

If you buy a heritage home, you’ll need to renovate the house within government regulations. For some, this is a exciting artistic challenge; for others, it’s more appealing to renovate an older home that doesn’t have heritage status. Even building new but with green technology is a good option, particularly if the existing older home is too rickety for renovation. The general contractors at Dilamco have the expertise to help you with both construction and renovation.

What about cost? The stats speak for themselves: reusing an existing structure usually saves you 10-12% overall. There’s no need to waste money on demolition (which also adds more waste to the world’s landfills). Whether you plan to stay in the house or re-sell it, remodeling with energy-efficient appliances increases the home’s value and saves on utility costs in the long-term.

Dilamco Construction and Renovation is an RBQ-certified general contractor in Montreal.

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