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The All Important Rain Gutters and Downspouts

April 24, 2014

The All Important Rain Gutters and Downspouts

No House Should Be Without Them.

Rain gutters and downspouts are important installations to the home. Without them, foundations suffer damage. For this reason, proper installation is very important. The design of your downspouts and rain gutters is important as well, because each home is different, and the fit has to be exact. That is one thing among many, that Montreal General Contractor, Dilamco Construction can provide for your home.


The Importance of Rain Gutters.

Without gutters on a house, when it rains the water will simply run right off the roof and pool up around the foundation of the house. This is not a good thing as it can do extensive damage to the foundation, and eventually flood the home owner's basement. The gutters carry the rain water along a specified path where it can safely run down and away from the home. That way it doesn't pool up around the house, but can return to the soil where it belongs.


Downspout Installation.

The first thing a home contractor will do to properly install your new downspouts is to make sure that the downspout is in the correct location as you will want it to be in a place where the water will run away from the house rather than toward it. This is a good time for the contractor to check out the landscape and choose a spot where there is a slight down grade away from the home. The downspout needs to be attached to the rain gutter, so when the correct spot is chosen, and the new gutters are in place, the renovation contractor will mark the spot on the gutter with a permanent marker and then cut out a hole in the gutter where the downspout sleeve will be attached. Once in place the sleeve is lined with sealant and screwed into place.


Securing the Spout.

Next two elbow spouts are installed which will bring the downspout as close to the house as possible where it will travel down the wall to the ground where another elbow is installed that carries the rain water away from the house. Extensions can be added on to this at any time, in order to carry the water as far away as possible. To hold the downspout in place against the side of the house, a metalplate that is formed into the correct shape of the spoutcan be screwed into place just below the bottommost of the top two elbows and another plate is attached just above the bottom elbow that extends the spout away from the house. Once these are screwed into place, the downspout won't move out of alignment.

For any upgrades on rain gutters and downspouts that need to be done to your house this spring, contact Dilamco, your Montreal renovation contractor, to get the job done.

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