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Save money by hiring a Montreal general contractor for your Spring renovations

March 19, 2012

Save money by hiring a Montreal general contractor for your Spring renovations

Spring is in the air and winter’s snow is quickly melting away, leaving the usual mess to contend with in the yard: Dead grass, fallen sticks and gravel, picked up and thrown by the snow blower, all conspire to leave the yard in need of a good clean up.

Then there’s the inside of your home. What renovation plans do you have this year?
And will you be undertaking the renovations yourself, or will you choose to save money by hiring a Montreal general contractor?

That’s right, by hiring the right general contractor you can save money on your home renovations this year.

Many people cost out the price of renovations and think that they can save a bundle by doing the work themselves. They compare the cost of materials against the quote from the contractor and think: “wow, I can do this so much more cheaply myself.”

Not true. You have to also factor in labor, which is usually the most expensive part of any quote. How much is your time worth?

This writer won’t work for less than $50 per hour, so that will bump up the price of any home renovation projects I have planned for this year pretty quickly. Then I have to factor in the additional costs of buying any special tools I may need. Finally, I’m not an expert, so any project I undertake will likely take twice as long.

Bottom line? It’s cheaper and more efficient to hire a Montreal general contractor, and the end result will be much better, too.

Dilamco is one of the leading general contractors in Montreal. The company specializes in all types of home renovations from single rooms and basements to extensions and complete home builds or custom rebuilds. For more information, contact Dilamco today. 

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