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Your Renovations Begin with Meeting your Contractor

January 30, 2018

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When you start planning home renovations, it’s easy to get carried away and jump into the final stages by already imagining the completed and ready-to-decorate space. This is completely normal, but should still not convince you to begin the renovations with an interior designer first. 

Although a designer is able to design summary plans for your home, these plans will not be designed to face any underlying issues in your home. As a result, you should first contact a contractor to create a concrete plan that meets your needs. To better understand the difference between these two trades, let’s take a further look at their main assets.

What does a contractor do?

In short, a general contractor is able to take your ideas, evaluate their feasibility and help you execute them. The most important point of this is feasibility. It’s easy to say that you want to change your kitchen cabinets or knock down a wall, but can your home really undergo these changes without causing inconveniences? In the field of renovation and construction, projects often require verification. This is where a contractor comes into the picture and ensures everything is possible, while determining the steps necessary to make your ideas a reality.

When contracting a contractor, you are hiring a home improvement professional. It’s someone who will be able to check the fundamentals before beginning a project. They can determine if it’s feasible and recommend a reputable designer or architect to help work on the project.

They also provide you with a project management service, giving you peace of mind – and a successful project!

Can we hire a designer?

Yes of course! This doesn’t mean that designers aren’t needed. They are experienced in planning your space out for you, decorating rooms or even completely transforming them. All assets are useful for any renovation project.

They can accompany you in the development of your project by giving you advice to facilitate the process. However, it is important to know that most designers don’t have training in architecture or building engineering, areas that are essential to the outcome of your project.

Ready to talk with a contractor?

In the greater Montreal area, the Dilamco team represents specialists in residential and commercial renovation and construction. With several years of experience behind our hammer, we will make sure to understand your needs and guide you through all the stages of the project. Contact us today!

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