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Renos That Do Not Add Resale Value To Your Home

January 08, 2015

bathroom reno Dilamco

Many homeowners choose to make improvements to their home for various reasons. There are things a homeowner can do which can have many benefits and are in addition to routine home maintenance. An additional of a functional space and other well-thought out projects can add value to a home. However, some projects will do little to increase a home's value and may not be a good investment. Review some renovation projects that are not recommended by a Montreal general contractor.

The Basics

The best home improvement projects usually require help from a renovation contractor to ensure they are done correctly. You can also seek help from a local home contractor. Current homeowners may enjoy a new improvement to their property, but buyers may not see the benefits. This often means you need to choose projects that will have the best return on investment.

Swimming Pools

Adding a swimming pool may seem like a good idea to add value to a home. However, they will require the proper upkeep to ensure they are effectively maintained. Potential buyers may not want the hassles that a pool can create. One reason is families with young children may consider pools a safety issue or a potential lawsuit.

Overbuilding the Home

Homeowners that decide to add a substantial upgrade to a home may find the result does not add to the value of the home. This is typically due to less expensive homes that are in the area. A home may seem to be overpriced for the neighborhood. Potential buyers will often look for homes in areas where the prices are similar.

Too Much Landscaping

Updating the landscape of a home will increase curb appeal, but not necessary the home value. A buyer may not have minimal interest in maintaining the landscaping. They may also think the landscaping for a property may be too difficult to maintain. This often means buyers may not factor the landscaping when they are considering making an offer.

Expensive Upgrades

Adding expensive appliances and updates to a kitchen will do little to increase the value of a home if a bathroom or other area has not been renovated. Upgrades need to be consistent in a home as making an upgrade to just one room will not be sufficient. If a remodel is inconsistent with other rooms in a home, then the value may not increase as much as expected.

Hidden Improvements

These are projects that are costly and often needed, but not easily noticed. This includes changes to the heating and cooling system or plumbing. These are improvements that are often necessary, but will not add value to your home. The best way to think of mechanical upgrades to a home is maintenance that is necessary.

A Montreal general contractor can provide you with the best selections for home improvement projects to increase the value of your home. If you have any questions, then contact Dilamco Construction today.


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