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Remember to apply for your building permit before undertaking home renovations

April 03, 2012

Remember to apply for your building permit before undertaking home renovations

Failure to apply for and get a building permit is a serious offence, and not something you should consider when undertaking home renovations. A building permit is required for many renovation projects, including:

  • the construction or renovation of any building or part of a building
  • the finishing of any previously unfinished areas of the home, such as a basement
  • the demolition of all or part of any building or structure

Permits are typically not expensive, and the belief that permit issuance is simply a way for municipalities to make easy money is wide of the mark.

The issuance and recording of permits allows municipalities and by extension, the country as a whole to monitor construction as a driver of the economy. On a more local level, increases in living space through additional construction has a bearing on the taxes a homeowner must pay. The issuance and monitoring or permit ensures that everyone is paying a fair amount of taxes.

Finally, the monitoring of permits enables municipalities to assess the projects that homeowners are undertaking, and to ensure that such projects are in keeping with the surrounding neighborhood, are not unsightly or infringing on a neighbour’s property line or legal views.

Failure to apply for a permit can result in the severe delay of your construction project and potentially a heavy fine. In extreme circumstances, structures or renovations completed without a permit may have to be destroyed or returned to their former state.

Basically, it pays to get a permit.

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