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Planning Summer Paradise—Achieve Patio Perfection

June 19, 2013

Planning Summer Paradise—Achieve Patio Perfection
With two long weekends in a row coming up, we’ve been thinking a lot about patios. When the weather is nice, nothing beats a peaceful, cozy, outdoor getaway. As peaceful as they can be, patios are also the perfect place to host some exciting nightlife. Pool parties, barbeques, dinner parties, or a wintery hot tub dip; you name it, they all pair perfect with patios! Patio renovations are in full swing, and for those of you looking to jump aboard and get your patio project underway, we’ve put together some tips that’ll help you get the perfect patio this summer!
Plan, plan, and plan! Take the time to think through exactly what you want in a patio. Think about the activities you and your family will use the patio for. There’s little point in going for a trendy style that doesn’t fit what you’ll be using it for! Start with function and add style second. If you’re not sure what your options are, talk to your general contractor for some ideas.
Cover up with a Pergola. This is the perfect way to add some shelter and shade to your patio. Particularly if your patio is located in full sun or bears the brunt of the elements. Pergolas are a wonderful way to add depth to your outdoor spaces. They can also be paired with vines and shrubs to give a very natural feel. Talk to your general contractor about integrating a pergola in your design right at the beginning of the project, to avoid unforeseen costs. This is also a great way to add more privacy.
Add some heat! Not only does adding an outdoor fire pit, fireplace, or other flame-inspired feature boost the appeal of your outdoor space, it adds value and well...heat! Patios can be a lot of fun during the off-season as well, especially if you have the option of cozying in fireside. Another decadent way to add some heat to your patio is with a hot tub. Hot tubs can be enjoyed year round, add value to your home, and also help with medical issues.
A decorative touch. Birdfeeders and houses, ornaments, patio furniture, lights, water fountains and features, as well as uncountable plant and flower options all will add beauty and charm to your patio once the structure takes place. But make sure you start your patio project with proper planning, well-thought out ideas, and an in-depth consultation with the general contractor who will be building it!
Dilamco is Montreal’s favorite general contractor! Contact us to find out more tips and ideas for your patio or other home renovation project. We’ve got lots of experience and lots of ideas!
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