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Patio perfection

July 16, 2012

Patio perfection

Now that we’re nearly half way into July, summer is underway and it’s patio season. It’s time to make the most of your outdoor space. It’s also not a bad time to take stock of how you use this space and think about the renovations you’d like to make. And if you’re ready to go for it, the summer is the best time to do build a patio or do a refinishing.

  • What do you imagine the primary function of your patio to be? A venue for dinner parties? A relaxing nook for reading amidst secluded by ferns and flowers? 

Build the patio closer to the house, and to the kitchen, if you’d like to serve a lot of outdoor meals. Further away from the house—perhaps in the corner of the backyard near a pond—is a better place for a private patio, good for meditating or having a quiet conversation.

  • What about special functions? How versatile do you want your patio to be? 

That’s the good news about constructing or renovating a patio—they are chameleons. A darker finish to the wood of your existing patio will give it a more formal tone, while a new patio can stand like a piece of postmodern art in contrast to the existing home.

A backyard patio can also make the perfect raised platform for a wedding ceremony. Take the opportunity of an upcoming family wedding to remodel your backyard patio. All of your future parties will benefit!

  • Last but not least: a patio or a deck isn’t just useful during the summer! It’ll continue to be a popular spot as the evenings turn from balmy to crisp. Try built-in slots for umbrellas in the summer, for heat lamps in the winter, and don’t forget to make space for a barbeque! Your Montreal general contractor can advise you on the best patios for the Quebec climate. 

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“House Beautiful: Pretty patio faces the street”

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