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Move or Renovate?

March 19, 2015

Move or Renovate?

There are many reasons homeowners decide to move instead of renovating such as needing more space, upgrades and overall convenience and cost. Before putting your house on the market you should consult a reputable home contractor such as Dilamco Construction, they will take you through the process and help you weigh the pros and cons of moving verses renovation. As with any major renovation there are a few important steps to consider before contacting a renovation contractor such the cost, time commitment, budget and convenience.

Design Your Dream Home

Take the time to create a comprehensive list of the changes you want or need to make your home work for you. You found the perfect neighborhood and the perfect schools, you can also have the perfect house. Start your list with what you need or want the most such an additional bedroom for a nursery or a deck for your pool. Write down every change you would like to make no matter how big or small, organize your list by priority and room. Making a list will help clarify the changes you want to make or need and is a useful tool when communicating with the renovation contractor.

Consult a Reputable Contractor

If you’re comparing the cost of renovation verses moving, hiring a local Montreal general contractor can give you added benefit of local experience and reputation. They will give you an estimate, outline the process and provide a timeline for the construction. When you work with a home contractor such as Dilamco Construction you will gain peace of mind knowing you have a team of experts and professionals in design, architecture, roofing, electrical work, painting and so much more working on your home.

Compare the Cost

Deciding to hire movers or a renovation contractor may be more expensive in the long run. Most home owners insurance will cover the building materials, any upgrades will add value to your home and renovations such as replacing a roof will decrease you annual energy costs. If your mortgage is paid off and you plan to move you may have to take out another mortgage, pay for repairs and upgrades at the new residence, hire movers, a real estate agent and miscellaneous fees such as an escrow account, closing costs and lawyer fees. When you hire a home contractor such as Dilamco Construction you can save money and rebuild your home to fit your needs.

Consider the Convenience

There are so many things to consider when deciding between moving versus renovation. If you move it could increase your work commute, disrupt the school year, you may have to change jobs and moving may make it inconvenient to visit family and friends. When you hire a renovation contractor such as Dilamco Construction you may have to alter your daily routine slightly and they will work with you to accommodate your schedule. The time it takes it takes to hire a real estate agent, shop for houses, work with a mortgage company, waiting for the closing and moving can take on average about a year. Working with a reputable Montreal general contractor or renovation contractor can save you money and time as well as avoid unnecessary delays.


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