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Montreal Renovation Tips—Finding Creative Solutions for your Home

October 17, 2013

Montreal Renovation Tips—Finding Creative Solutions for your Home
Are you planning some renovations for the fall? Tired of your plain or worn out staircase? Need more storage or room for your family? The best place to start is by looking at ways to maximize the space you already have.
One place that often eats up unnecessary space is the staircase. Re-thinking your staircase is a great way to find a potentially amazing storage solution or to create a truly unique little corner. Remember to talk to your Montreal general contractor about your ideas in advance to make sure you have a plan to get them done.

How to get Creative

Try thinking about the space in your home in a different way. Think about the size of the space, any storage or usage needs or problems and see how you could creatively combine the two. If this kind of visual projection isn’t your cup of tea, consider hiring a designer, or invite your Montreal general contractor to come in and take a look at your space and see what kinds of ideas they come up with.

Put a New Spin on an Old Space

Maybe you love to sew or get crafty. What about designing a self-contained sewing or craft centre beneath your stairway? You could have it pull out on rollers, and tuck it back behind some tidy wooden panel doors. Here are some more ideas for a totally creative and unique way to use the space beneath your staircase:
- Homework station for the kids- Collectables display
- Library for books or music- Pet, bed and toys
- Wine “cellar”- Exercise machine
- Food pantry- Reading nook
- Storage for home preserves- Shoe closet
- Pull-out drawers- Hobby station
- Closet space- Firewood storage
- Small home office- Freezers or laundry machines



The fun thing about creating a totally creative storage or work space is that you can make it truly unique to reflect your style and fit with your family’s personality as well as your home’s character. You can also order custom-made materials and pieces from many manufacturers who specialize in high quality designs. You can also choose from a wide variety of wooden mouldings and accessories to embellish the finished look of your project and tie it in with the rest of your home’s decor.
Doing a project like this may mean replacing your staircase or other elements of your home to allow for more creative use, so make sure that you find new components that will work for you. Stair railings, stair balusters, stringers treads and risers can all be manufactured to fit your particular dimensions so be on the lookout for a quality Montreal general contractor and manufacturers who will work with you, and enhance the finished result of your project.
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