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Montreal General Contractor, Dilamco's Top Summer Renovations

May 07, 2015

Montreal General Contractor, Dilamco's Top Summer Renovations

You are ready to begin renovations but aren't sure when is the best time. Many renovations contractors will tell you that summer is by far the best season for many jobs because home contractors are more willing to work in the summer, and they have greater access to less expensive labor. Meaning you will get a better deal. Another plus is that many people don't want to begin renovations while their children are home so you get better service. If you're looking for a Montreal general contractor, Dilamco is a good place to start. They specialize in residential and commercial buildings and can offer reviews from past customers. They can help you renovate your home and advise you along the way.

Some renovations are better done in the summer. Let's look at five of the top summer renovations and why renovation contractors say they are best done in the summer.

Putting Off Those Kitchen Renovations

Most people drag their feet at this one knowing their kitchen will be gutted and unusable for a length of time. However, it doesn't have to be as inconvenient as you may think. Montreal general contractors such as Dilamco suggest moving the kitchen outside.

Cooking on a grill will not just save money on restaurant bills but offers a healthier alternative with you in control of the ingredients and cost. If you lose your dishwasher or water make use of paper plates and plastic utensils for an easier clean up. Also, try moving your fridge to the garage or other room so you can use it as needed.

Home contractors advise starting in the early part of the year as retailers often have the best sales in January and February. Buying early allows you plenty of time to choose appliances, lighting, cabinetry, and tiles. It also ensures that special orders and permits are ready when you are.

Need an Extra Bedroom?

Adding a room requires that your home be open to the elements for a period of time. Building in the summer reduces the chance of damage from the weather occurring. Dilamco suggests that you finish your design early and have the permits ready. Early preparation can cut down on the time your home interior is exposed to the weather. Make sure all of the permits and materials are ready when your renovation contractor is.


Many people prefer doing themselves although you can have a contractor help you with both the design and the actual planting. Some suggestions are to choose native plants to help conserve water and reduce the need for fertilizers. Talk with your contractor about the best places for automatic sprinklers to help save money and ensure that the watering is done at the best times. Of course, you will want to prepare the ground and chose your plants in the spring for the best results.

These renovations are better done in the spring and summer. So if you're ready to make improvements contact a home contractor. If you are looking for a Montreal general contractor, talk with Dilamco for work that will stand up to time.

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