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Montreal General Contractor Advice: The Importance of Having a Renovation Plan

August 14, 2013

Montreal General Contractor Advice: The Importance of Having a Renovation Plan
When taking on a project like home renovations, the secret of your success truly lies in your plan. Don’t have a plan? Don’t expect quick or quality results! Often overlooked by homeowners and do it yourselfers, planning a renovation project takes some time and careful thought, as well as a bit of research.

Take the Time!

Taking the time to do this part of a renovation project will determine greatly the outcome of your project. Planning a renovation not only gives you a clear guide to follow, it allows you to establish and adjust your budget, make informed and fitting choices on materials and project specifications. It also allows you to get accurate information from your Montreal general contractor. Without a plan, it will be very difficult for any general contractor or architect to give you accurate estimates or alternative options.

Get Your Renovation Plan Started

Developing a renovation plan is not extremely difficult and depending on the scope of your project, it does not always have to go into deep detail. If you are planning on major renovations, it would benefit you greatly however, to go into more depth.

To get some ideas on formulating an effective renovation plan, follow these tips:


  • Clearly describe what exactly you want to change in your house and why. This will outline the purpose of your renovation. General contractors and architects will be able to give you much better solutions and alternatives that you may not have thought of IF they understand why you are making changes to your home.
  • Set specific and measurable goals. Oftentimes renovations become a lifelong project that fades away and gets left on the back-burner. It is easy to start a project, but it takes setting goals and milestones in order to see it come to completion. Write down achievable goals and how you will get them accomplished.
  • Create a “wish list.” These would be changes you for-see yourself wanting to make, or modifications that you can’t do yet, for whatever reason. Having these types of projects in mind when planning a renovation allows for them to be added in later on. Examples of these would be starting a family in a few years, having an elderly parent move in etc.
  • Define your priorities. On a scale of 1-5 or 1-10, assign priorities to which items or features are most important. Number one priorities are the essentials of your renovation project. These are the non-negotiable-must-haves. One the other end of the scale will be the nice-to-haves or wish list items.
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