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Make the most of your renovation dollars

January 18, 2011

The snow is blowing outside and as you sit in the warmth of your home looking it is finally all coming together: the bathroom of your dreams. Complete with new heated ceramic flooring, a separate tub, a beautiful etched glass shower stall, double sinks and nice wood storage cabinets. After shopping around Montreal and the surrounding areas, you have selected the colours and textures that you want. You are now committed. You just need to start looking into booking a Montreal general contractor.

While your brother, “the weekend do-it-yourselfer”, is still trying to convince you that he can do the work in exchange for a pair of those elusive Montreal Canadiens tickets; your “play it safe, conservative side” is preferring to go with the APCHQ Réno-Maître certified contractor that you used many moons ago when you renovated your basement.

What is the APCHQ?
APCHQ is an acronym for « Association provinciale des constructeurs d’habitations du Québec Inc. », in other words, Québec’s association of home builders.

What is the APCHQ Réno-Maître[1] program?
Réno-Maître is the only program of this type in Québec. The APCHQ Réno-Maître program has existed since 2002. The goal of this program is to provide education and to supervise Québec’s residential contractors. The Réno-Maître program brings together the finest residential contractors in the province and guarantees their professionalism.

How does a Montreal general contractor get certified?

  • By having a demonstrated renovation history;
  • by possessing the essential financial and administrative resources to enable him or her to effectively complete residential projects while meeting the clients expectations;
  • by accepting to be subjected to customer satisfaction surveys;
  • and by committing to a code of conduct.

Does an APCHQ Réno-Maître certified entrepreneur offer any type of guarantee [2]?
The APCHQ Réno-Maître Association’s guarantee, known as the “Garantie Rénovation APCHQ”, is the most remarkable program of its sort in North America. This guarantee, which is only offered by certified APCHQ Réno-Maître contractors, protects the consumer up to $25 000 on the cost of the renovations and up to five years for a number of hidden vices affecting the structure of the home. Just a thought…what does your brother guarantee?

So, if you are still debating about having your brother do the work, note this figure: APCHQ Réno-Maître members do more than 75% of all residential renovations in Québec.
Dilamco is a Montreal general contractor who is a certified member of the APCHQ and the APCHQ's Réno Maître program. Dilamco contractors have the skills, expertise and knowledge to complete your new build, as well as all your interior and exterior renovations, in both the residential and commercial sectors. Dilamco builds according to the NovoClimat Requirements [3]. If you have a need for a Montreal general contractor who is APCHQ Réno Maître certified contact us today. Dilamco offers its general contractor service in Montreal and the surrounding areas.


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