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Know The Truth About Your Roof

February 15, 2016

Know The Truth About Your Roof

Know The Truth About Your Roof

We hardly ever think about the roof of our home until something goes wrong. Most of the time it’s just, well, there. Keeping out the rain and snow, shielding us from sun and wind, heat and cold, doing its job. Only when things go wrong do we give it a second thought.

But with a very small amount of care and attention, you can prevent roof troubles before they even start. We spoke to leading Montreal general contractor, Dilamco, and they gave us the following great tips to help you keep your roof in excellent shape, winter and summer.

Your Roof Needs Love

First of all, don’t just fit it and forget it. A roof needs regular inspection, especially if there has been high wind, strong rain, or even a period of prolonged high or wildly fluctuating temperatures. You should check your roof at least twice a year, and late autumn and early spring are good times to choose. That way you can ensure your roof is ready for winter at the autumn check, and detect any damage caused over the winter at the spring inspection.

Check For Slipping, Sliding Shingles

You should look out in particular for missing shingles, or shingles which have shifted out of place. After storms, just check your roof for shingle problems; this is especially important in newer homes which might not have an underlay protecting the decking of the roof. Another cause of roof damage which often gets forgotten is hail. Hail storms can be very damaging – get up on that roof and inspect after severe hail.

Winter Snow Clearing Pays Off

Of course we expect to get a lot of snow in winter, and it makes sense for you to clear heavy snow off the roof. It’s best to do this before the snow has had chance to thaw and freeze again. This leads to a build up of ice, which can cause a great deal of damage. As a homeowner, you should never try to remove ice from your roof, as this can easily lead to broken roofing materials. Get a professional Montreal general contractor to come and undertake this delicate task for you, and at the same time, have them inspect the roof to see if there are any hidden problems that they need to deal with. You may find that your home insurance covers ice damage to your roof.

When To Call The Experts

Of course, if you have a leak in your roof, then you know that you need professional help. But regular inspection definitely minimises the chance of serious roofing problems developing. If you catch problems in time, the cost of fixing them will be modest, and you will prevent internal damage to your house which could end up costing you a fortune. It’s a real case of a stitch in time saving nine; once damage is spotted, your best plan is to have a dependable, first rate, highly experienced Montreal general contractor such as Dilamco come along and put things right.


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