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It’s Official: let the office renovations begin

June 29, 2012

It’s Official: let the office renovations begin

Renovating your home office—or commercial workspace—is the most potentially lucrative renovation you can make. These spaces are directly tied to your livelihood, your ability to make a good living, and when done right, a smart office reno can mean a major upward turn for your business!

The Home Office

  • How do you intend to use the space? Unless you’re planning the construction of an entire house and can design a room specifically for office work, you’re going to be limited by the type of space available.


  • Imagine: you can make a home office in a transition nook between two rooms. You can make a home office in a large or walk-in closet. How about in the basement or in the attic? The possibilities are not endless, but you have more choices than you might think. Opt for a space that has natural light if possible; if not, go for white walls. This is something you can talk about with your renovations contractor. Tell them about your top requirements for your home office, and about your available space(s), and they will make suggestions based all of their years of expertise.


  • “I’ll have an office to-go, please.” Portable office units are a good solution if you are renting or if you’re doing something for the interim—perhaps while you renovate another part of the house. Ask your renovation and construction contractor about adding casters to the bottom of the movable units.

The Commercial Office

  • Dream big, but be aware that commercial office construction/renovation comes with more hoops to jump through than does the home office project. Commercial renovations must follow city, district, and government codes (and these are different from residential codes).


  • Electrical Service. Be wise and upgrade your electrical system to support more electrical activity than you currently need. As the office grows, you can stave off the need for another renovation.


  • Safety and essential features. Sprinkler systems, emergency exits, interconnected smoke detectors or alarm systems may all be required. Make sure you and your contractor are in the loop about these necessaries! Washrooms too, are essential, and governed by regulations.

Dilamco Renovations and Constructions will work with you from the dream and design phase to the finished product. Your workspace is our workspace! Call today to schedule your free consultation: 514-820-0773.

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