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It is hot in here, or is it just the fireplace?

March 11, 2014

Fireplace renovation genreal contractor Dilamco

A fireplace is for sure a comforting, warm and gathering place in any house lucky enough to have one. However, if you just purchased a new house, you may want to refresh it to make the place your own. Or, if you remodeled you entire house but this element, it might look outdated and out of place. The reason can also be as simple as not being able to clean it anymore or that you just want to change its look!

Steps to follow

Before any new material is installed, it needs to be cleaned of soot or any other grime. However, the chemicals you will use may cause discoloration to the existing facing in place, altering the colors of the areas you cleaned. There are many products available on the market for that purpose; they can be found online, in hardware stores or in any fireplace retailer’s store.

Once you have cleaned the surface, you may proceed to the preparation required for the type of resurfacing you have in mind.

What will you do with your old fireplace?

Several options can be considered; some are more expensive or require more work than others, but at all times construction code safety rules and RBQ rules are to be followed, which your renovation contractor can take care of.

Of all, painting is probably the easiest and cheapest way to revamp your fireplace. It requires a good cleaning, and to make sure that the surface is smooth and well prepared. Any good quality 100% acrylic latex paint will do, applied with a roller or large brush, depending on your surface. High-temperature fireplace paint is not mandatory, and unfortunately there are not as many colors to choose from.

Then you have stucco, not as popular lately, that can look great when done right. It requires that a concrete bonding agent is used on your surface, and then a few layers of stucco to achieve the desired texture.

Everything or parts can also be covered with sheetrock, or drywall, if it is the look you would like to achieve.

Tiles are also a popular choice, and they add an elegant look to any room. There are so many options to choose from, possibilities are endless! Visit your local retailer and see the best choice they have to offer for your project.

Last but not the least, bricks and stone are the timeless choice. Since this option is usually trickier to complete, you want to look into hiring a professional home contractor or a mason to make sure your new fireplace is up to code.

And then there’s the mantel! Like icing on a cake, the mantel if the finishing touch, often the focal point of your fireplace. Many custom-made options are available. Discuss them with your renovation contractor.

The value of your home will go up after having a home contractor update your fireplace.  It is a smart investment that will give you years of enjoyment.

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