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Invest in energy-efficient windows and doors to save money this winter

December 14, 2011

Invest in energy-efficient windows and doors to save money this winter

There’s no denying that Montreal is a cool place to live in winter. Cool from a hip perspective, and also cool from a chilly perspective. Unfortunately, the chilly perspective can play havoc with your wallet if your home isn’t properly insulated against the cold.

Poorly insulated doors and windows let heat out and cold in. As well as causing unnecessary additional heating expenses, a cold home is uncomfortable, and over time this can lower your immune system and leave you more susceptible to colds and maybe even the dreaded flu.

Luckily, you can purchase energy-efficient windows and doors that will enable you to better insulate your home against the cold. You can save up to 12% on your heating bill, get rid of those cold drafts and even cut down on noise coming from the outside, too. Your home will be a much more comfortable place to be during the long, cold winter nights. You may even be able to qualify for a tax break—check with your accountant for more details.

What do you need to look for when purchasing new energy-efficient doors and windows?

Look for Energy Star labeled products. Energy Star is a government program set up to help people protect the environment by promoting energy efficiency. Energy Star windows and doors meet strict energy-efficiency guidelines and save energy and money.

Ensure your windows and doors are properly installed by an expert. Improperly fitted windows and doors may leak, leaving you in the same position as you were with your old windows and doors.

Choose Double-paned glass, because it offers more insulation than single-paned glass.

Add energy-efficient glass to your new window or door order. Energy-efficient glass comes with a variety of R and U values, and a Low-E coating rating. The R Value tells you how resistant to heat the glass is. The U value tells you how much heat passes through the glass. A Low E coating limits the amount of heat that passes through the glass. The lower the rating, the better the insulation. For maximum energy efficiency, aim for a high R Value, a low U Value and a Low-E coating number.

Dilamco are your first choice Montreal general contractor for the installation of energy-efficient windows and doors in the Montreal area. For more information or to book a consultation, contact Dilamco today.

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