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In the loop on licensing?

May 18, 2012

In the loop on licensing?

Across Canada, tradespeople and general contractors are required to have various licenses. These certificates or seals are intended to help both contractors and their customers have smooth and mutually beneficial interactions.

Licenses allow contractors . . .

• to prove their reliability to potential clients
• to set themselves apart from unlicensed handymen
• to refine their workmanship to suit a particular city or region

Licenses allow customers . . .

• to expect safe and skillful service from their general contractor
• to compare contractors on the basis of their certifications
• to feel confident that their contractor adheres to municipal, provincial and federal standards

Licensing for general contractors and renovators in Canada is not a simple structure. Rules vary from province to province. In some big cities, building contractors need a special City license that wouldn’t be necessary in other parts of the province. Nonetheless, there are interprovincial standards set by the Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA) apprenticeship certification programs offered by Red Seal that are recognized nation-wide.

If you live in Québec, the first thing you should inquire about when hiring a general contractor is the Regis du Batîment du Québec (RBQ) license. If you want to sleep easy while your project is underway—not to mention ensure that it meets legal building codes—ask for evidence of your contractor’s RBQ license. “The quality of the work and the safety of the public”: this is what RBQ cares about, and so should you and your contractor!

Dilamco, a general contractor in Montreal, holds an RBQ license and you can view this certificate online. To become RBQ-certified, Dilamco had to pass tests on construction project management, site safety management, and administrative management. We think of our RBQ certification as a symbol of professionalism and trust. Consider choosing Dilamco for your next residential or commercial project.

Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA)

Regis du Batîment du Québec (RBQ)

Red Seal

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