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How to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Big

August 29, 2013

How to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Big
Small bathrooms often seem cramped or overcrowded, and can be hard to relax in. The temptation is always there to remove a wall and extend it into the next room. Depending on the bathroom’s surroundings, this may or may not be possible. If it is, then go for it! Look for a Montreal general contractor who can make your expansion quick and painless. And if you can’t; there are ways to make a small bathroom seem much larger.
Here’s a couple quick-fix tricks to try on your own:

  • Remove the clutter!
  • Get organized and store your necessities out of sight
  • Redecorate in pastel or other light and airy colours


If it still seems small, there are several more things you can do.
One option is to remove the bath entirely, and replace it with a shower. As showers take up much less floors pace; your room will seem larger. Because of the plumbing involved, it would be wise to contact a general contractor in Montreal for consultation or to do it for you.
Another option is to increase the amount of natural light available. This makes the bathroom seem larger and more open. You could have an existing window enlarged, or, if the bathroom is in a corner of the room you could have an additional window installed. Alternatively, if there is nothing above your bathroom, you could have a skylight or some solar tubes installed.
Having floating shelves about a foot below ceiling height is another good idea. They make an excellent place to store the things you're not using, like extra rolls of toilet paper, toiletries, or just to place ornaments on. In addition, by having lights fitted into the bottoms of the shelves, it illuminates any dark corners in the room and makes everything seem more expansive.
Consider downsizing your existing bathroom by replacing the toilet and sink. A lot of the new toilet pans on the market are much smaller than the old ones, and pedestal and floating sinks will take up much less floor space.
Consider replacing your existing door with one on a rail that slides to the side, or if that isn't possible, then simply have the door reversed so that it opens outwards instead of inwards.
Once you have considered your own bathroom and decided which options you are going to pursue, find a good Montreal general contractor! Several of the above ideas involve building renovations, whilst the others need plumbing work done. Luckily, you're already on the website of a renowned Montreal general contractor, so send us a message explaining what it is you hope to have done, and we can discuss our services and prices.
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