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How Insulating Your Home During Hot Summer Days Will Keep You Warm During Winter

October 21, 2014

How Insulating Your Home During Hot Summer Days Will Keep You Warm During Winter

Conventional wisdom reveals that although installing a new heating and cooling system will improve energy efficiency, optimal conservation cannot be obtained without ensuring that the home structure, including windows and doors, must also be upgraded to enhance the energy proficiency of the home. This will serve to relieve some of the load on the system itself. There are a number of benefits to eco-renovating your home in Montreal. This article will take a look at five of the top benefits of renovating your home to make it more eco-friendly

Eco-Friendly Tax Credit

Because the long-term benefits of eco-friendly homes, the government has introduced a new temporary refundable tax credit for those who wish to renovate their homes to make them more eco-friendly. The credit is meant for those who have a qualified contractor, such as Dilamco, perform eco-friendly renovations to their homes. The credit applies to construction contracts that were entered into after October 7, 2013 and prior to November1, 2014.

The amount of the credit is equal to 20 percent of the eligible expenses that exceed $2,500, up to the maximum credit of $10,000 per eligible dwelling.

Reduces Energy Costs

Making your home more eco-friendly will help to significantly reduce energy costs. Each year, people lose hundreds of dollars per home due to the home not being energy efficient and eco-friendly. When the home is not energy efficient, it places a great strain on cooling and heating systems, causing them to work harder to sustain the desired temperature. Not only does this increase the amount of your energy bill, but it also shortens the life span of the unit.

Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Having a Montreal general contractor, such as Dilamco, perform eco-renovations on your home will help to reduce your carbon footprint drastically. Your carbon footprint is the amount that you and your family directly contribute to eco-crisis that is threatening the globe. Having a renovation contractor make the necessary improvements to establish your home as an eco-friendly home will contribute immensely to the lowering of your carbon footprint.

Increase the Overall Value of Your Home

One thing that is constantly on the mind of the fiscally responsible homeowner is the protection of their home’s overall value. Even general home renovations, performed by a home contractor, will add value to your home; however, when the renovations include improvements that make the home more eco-friendly, it adds even more value.

Increases Comfort Level in Your Home

An eco-friendly home is a comfortable home. You work hard to be able to afford your home; it only makes sense that you should be as comfortable as possible in that home. An eco-friendly home will ensure that you have the maximum level of comfort with the least amount of effort and cost.

When choosing a home contractor to perform high-quality renovations, it is important to ensure you use a reputable company like Dilamco. This will serve to ensure that you will be happy with the level of service and the quality of the work that you receive.


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