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Home Remodeling Dos and Don’ts

June 04, 2015

Home Remodeling Dilamco Montreal

Contemplating a home renovation project is a process that requires planning, forethought, and a budget sufficient to cover the costs – and then some. There are problems that many homeowners encounter in the renovation process because they do not have the knowledge and experience of a professional contractor. This lack of knowledge can result in the homeowner making bad decisions along the way that can cost them time and money.

Do: Assess Your Needs and Establish A Budget

Don’t: Have Desires Become Priorities Over Needs

The first step in a home renovation project is to take stock and consider exactly what specific parts of the home you want renovated. Then, establish a budget you can reasonably work with. At this point, you may discover you will not be able to afford to renovate all of the selected areas of the home in your original plan. Here is the time you need to contact a professional contractor to see what is possible given your available budget.

Reputable home contractors such as your Montreal general contractor, Dilamco, will work with you so you get as much bang for your buck as possible.  Also, when considering your budget limitations, a quality contractor will recommend that you have a 5 percent contingency fund for unexpected events or changes to the original plan.

Do: Let Your Home Renovation Contractor Outsource the materials for you

Don’t: Try To Get Bargains on Construction Materials

Hiring a home contractor to do your remodeling is definitely a major investment, so you will likely have some type of budget or fund set up. You may want some changes made as the work progresses, which will likely test your budget maximums.

When it comes to the type and quality of material used in the renovation, the best advice is to leave that decision to the contractors. Homeowners who purchase the materials themselves believe this will result in saving them money. The problem with this is that in many cases the contracting company can get a better price on the material by purchasing it through their normal channels, actually saving you money. The quality of the material may also be superior, providing you with a longer lasting result.

Do: Move Out of the Way

Don’t:  Set up your daily activities where home renovations are being made

When contractors begin working, they are there to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. To make their lives as easy as possible you may consider moving out for the duration of time it takes for the renovation to be completed. The problem with this piece of advice is, moving out will add to the cost of the entire project.

As an alternative, if you can afford a good middle of the road solution, such as staying away for a shorter period of time, which will likely make everyone happier. Whether you are in the house for a day or for the duration, remember that any distraction, whether from children, pets, or even your own congenial personality, will be a problem for the workers who are trying to do their jobs. Keep distractions to a minimum, and that too will make everyone happier.

The best way to prepare for a major home renovation project is to trust and depend on the knowledge and experience of your contractor. It is a major investment of money for you, and time and effort for the contractor. Reliable and reputable home renovation companies will always act in your best interests. The common errors in this article made by homeowners can be avoided simply by properly investigating your selection of home contractors and hiring the best contractor available. Once you have done this, let them do their job with a minimum of disruption and interference.


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