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Green Renovations in Montreal

December 17, 2010

With the New Year around the corner, you may be thinking that this is the year to finally go ahead with some of the renovations you have been dreaming about for the last few years. Whether it is installing Energy Star1 windows and doors, or making your common living area more hospitable to your growing family, why not consider going “green” with your Montreal renovations? 

Do your homework
Before getting started or even planning anything, you must know that you want out of your renovation. What are your long term goals? Do you want to make an existing space more functional or are you looking to reduce your energy costs? While you are laying out your requirements, remember to think long term as opposed to merely taking into consideration short term solutions. Once you have established a list, you are now ready to meet with contractors.

Build it green
Not all contractors are into energy efficient building and renovating. Be sure to speak to contractors regarding your desire to renovate “green”. Question contractors to find out if they are truly committed to reducing, reusing and recycling. Can demolition debris be sorted into recyclables? Can old cabinets and fixtures be reused? “Green” contractors are not only talented in the traditional building trades, but are experienced and qualified in designing energy, water and resource efficient new builds and renovations. Check your contractor’s criteria and be sure to look for a general contractor who is a certified member of the APCHQ2 (Association provinciale des constructeurs d’habitations du Québec inc.), APCHQ's Réno-Maître3 and builds according to NovoClimat requirements4.

Reuse for green’s sake
Green renovating includes using sustainable materials and installing Energy Star windows and doors and proper insulation. Another critical aspect of the “Build it green” philosophy it to repair, replace and maintain. Certain renovations can be accomplished by reusing and revamping existing items. Doing so not only reduces the costs associated to purchasing new items, but also reduces the amount of waste which ends up in landfills. Making something new from something old (e.g.: re-facing kitchen cabinets or re-using them for storage in the garage) is as valuable to the environment as purchasing environmentally friendly materials.

If you are looking for a Montreal general contractor with years of experience in interior and exterior renovations, as well as new builds, contact Dilamco. Dilamco contractors are certified members of the APCHQ and the APCHQ's Réno-Maître program; as well, Dilamco builds according to NovoClimat requirements.
At Dilamco, we take pride in our ability to restore or renovate your building without altering its historic uniqueness. Dilamco Construction offers its APCHQ certified general contractor service throughout the greater Montreal area.


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