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Go from square one to RENOVATE in no time

June 18, 2012

Go from square one to RENOVATE in no time

Procrastinating is very common when it comes to residential renovation or commercial renovation.

The prospect of interruption to your daily routine, or perhaps the need to move elsewhere during the renovation period, can seem exhausting.

Even though you’ve been fantasizing about renovating for years, actually getting down to the task of deciding what and how to renovate takes guts (particularly if you’re gutting an entire house or office and starting from scratch!). Here are some helpful tips for putting together a renovation plan.


The highest traffic room is the best place to start your renovation adventure. Which room do guests tend to gravitate towards when you host a party? Yes, the kitchen (despite your efforts to herd everyone into the underused sitting room). Since the kitchen is so central to our lives, renovating it first is an excellent investment—particularly if you won’t be able to renovate again for a while.


Grants from the federal government are available to homeowners who are retrofitting their homes to become more energy efficient. The ecoEnergy Retrofit program for homes offers up to $5,000 in support, just make sure to register before the annual deadline so you can go through the pre-retrofit evaluation. There are grants for certain commercial projects as well.


Starting slow is wise regardless of your financial situation. Whether your plan is to remodel your bathrooms, kitchen or basement, take the time to first identify which elements of the rooms aren’t working for you. A lack of storage space may simply mean doing a good spring cleaning or perhaps adding a new set of shelves. New kitchen cabinets can make a huge difference, often bringing out the good qualities you may have been missing in the floors and counters.


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 ecoEnergy Retrofit Program  (link to

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