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Four Reasons To Renovate Your Home’s Exterior

September 09, 2014

Four Reasons To Renovate Your Home’s Exterior

Having a great-looking house is a source of pride for most homeowners. They spend hours cutting the grass and trimming weeds, sweeping the front porch and hanging baskets of beautiful flowers, all to make their home look as good as it possibly can. For homeowners who want to take things further, though, exterior renovations can go a long way in making their house the most beautiful on the block. Plus, there are a number of other good reasons to speak with a renovation contractor and change a few things on the outside of your home. Read on for four of the biggest.

1. Increased Curb Appeal

An exterior renovation can include all kinds of things to increase the aesthetic appeal of your humble abode. A new paint color, for example, or all new siding, can make a huge improvement in the way your house looks as you drive up to it. New landscaping and landscaping materials can turn property from ordinary to extraordinary, while new hardscaping can create a more park-like appearance. Better curb appeal means more pride in ownership and a house that you’ll love coming home to. And, as an added benefit, when the time comes to sell your house, you’ll probably have an offer soon after you put it on the market.

2. A Lower Maintenance Home

Exterior renovation time is a prime opportunity to think about changes that will make your life easier. For example, older homes with wood siding are notoriously expensive to maintain. They have to be painted every few years, the wood needs to be sealed to prevent damage, and replacing panes that have rotted out needs to be done by a professional with carpentry skills. Swapping out wood siding with vinyl, however, provides an exterior that is nearly maintenance-free. Other exterior renovations that can lower your maintenance costs include changing the grade of the property drain to drain water away from the house (to prevent water damage and flooding), as well as installing gutter guards to virtually eliminate the dreaded job of cleaning the gutters. A home contractor from Dilamco can help you make great choices that will keep money in your wallet and give you more free time.

3. A Matter of Safety

How well is your property lighted? Installing new exterior lighting creates a safer home in two ways. First, you’re better able to see where you’re going in the dark, reducing the risk of falling and causing an injury to yourself or to your guests. Second, better lighting discourages burglars, which means the valuables inside your home are better protected. Keeping plants neat and trimmed also goes a long way in creating a safer home, as there are fewer branches to get in your way and fewer places for burglars to hide. Lighting and trimmed landscaping also send a message that the home is well-cared-for and that someone is home, which can also discourage break-ins.

4. Lower Energy Bills

A big reason that many homeowners cite for doing exterior renovations is lowering their heating and cooling bills. Replacing old windows with newer, better sealed ones or even double pane windows can help keep your home’s temperature more constant. Replacing old siding is a great opportunity to add an extra layer of insulation on a home’s exterior. And for landscaping jobs, planting large trees can help to provide shade in the summer and help keep heat inside in the winter. All of these exterior renovations are an investment in a more energy-efficient home.

Ready to Renovate?

Dilamco is a professional Montreal general contracting company that loves to tackle residential exterior renovation jobs. Whether you’re just looking to spruce things up a bit or want to do a full re-vamp of your home’s outward appearance, we can help. Our associates and sub-contractors will work with you to make your home’s exterior as attractive, safe, and maintenance-free as you imagine it to be. Contact us today, and let’s get started on a project.


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