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Fire and Smoke Damage: The Road to Disaster Recovery

July 22, 2019

Fire and Smoke Damage: The Road to Disaster Recovery

If you have clicked through to this article, then you may have recently been a victim of fire damage. There is a chance that fire and water damage have caused incredible headache for you and your family. “Where do I start?”, “Who do I call?”, “What can I do to get back to normal life?” These are all pressing questions that are probably cycling through your mind right now. And it’s completely normal! Take a moment and breathe. You should know that fire damage happens to over 350 000 homes a year in the United States alone. You are not alone. There is an extensive support and service system in place to help you get through these dark and frustrating times.

We make it our mission to quickly get your home back to how it used to be and once again fit to live in. But where does it all start? What puts the disaster recovery process into motion?

Contact Dilamco to Initiate the Clean-Up

Of course, there’s nothing that you can really do to help while the fire fighters are putting out the fire. But you can contact us as soon as possible and we can start once the property has been inspected by a professional and permitted it to be accessed.

This will be the initial step in the path to recovering your home. After a fire, your home will be dangerous for a variety of reasons. Having professionals do the “dirty work” will not only help reduce your stress in dealing with a post-fire mess, but they are trained and experienced in the field to use safety practices that ensure no one gets hurt. 

Dilamco will coordinate with your insurance company throughout the whole process, ensuring that your losses are accounted for. For a detailed list of the Dilamco services that are available and part of the recovery process, find out more on our disaster recovery page.

Have Dilamco Repair and Restore

At the end of the clean-up phase, you will find what remains undamaged by the fire or what can be salvaged. Depending on the severity and extent of the damage you may be able to simply replace whatever was damaged. However, if the integrity of the building in some places have been jeopardized by fire damage, you will have to look into doing repairs and renovations.

Dilamco will be able to identify the extent of the damage and can provide a renovation contractor who will manage and take care of the reparation process. Learn more about Dilamco’s renovation contractor services today.

As you have seen here, our disaster recovery will take the whole situation into our own hands, leaving you some space and time to recover. With our help and guidance, your home will be back to normal in no time. Contact us today for more information or if you have any questions you need answered.


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