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Find your Perfect Exterior Trim Color

May 05, 2014

Find your Perfect Exterior Trim Color

Choosing an exterior trim color can be one of the most challenging color decisions to be made as the trim color must compliment the exterior of the home. It is essential to ensure just the right color is chosen or there may be a clash which could have a serious impact on the overall look of your property.

However, there are some tricks and tips you can use that can help you find the perfect trim color quickly and painlessly.


The first thing that you should do is to eliminate undertones you are certain you don’t want and dismiss them from your mind. This should narrow down the possibilities significantly. At this stage try to figure out if you would prefer the trim to blend in with the color of your home or if you would prefer a color contrast.


Once you have decided on whether you prefer the color to blend in or contrast, try and find a general idea of what shade of color you want. Use color charts or fan decks to help you find a match for the brickwork on your house. If you don’t have a brick home and would like a color to blend in, try going up or down a couple of shades. If you would like a contrast, try using colors close to white or black.


If you are continuing to have difficulty finding the right shade, browse the internet for houses that are similar in color to yours and see what trim color they are using. You could also look at interior paint colors for inspiration. As you think about it more you will find yourself noticing trim on the houses and buildings you pass daily and will acquire a knowledge for what you prefer.


Once you have a good idea of which color you desire pick up a small sample of that color and paint two large poster boards with the paint. Tape these to your front door and see what it looks like from different angles and at different times of the day. Note what you like and dislike about the color chosen. If the color feels close to what you want, try the process again until you find the perfect shade.


The desired effect of an exterior trim is dependent not just on its color, but on the trim itself. It is extremely important to ensure the trim has been installed or adjusted correctly by a home contractor. If the exterior trim has been correctly installed by a renovation contractor it can keep the house looking like new while protecting it from the elements for many years. These benefits are why using an expert such as Montreal General Contractor, Dilamco, is so important. By using a reputable company you can ensure the trim will look perfect, adjusted, and seamless providing your house with the effect you’re looking for.


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