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Don’t Get Sick! 4 Ways Keep your Montreal Renovations Healthy.

October 31, 2013

Don’t Get Sick! 4 Ways Keep your Montreal Renovations Healthy.
There are a number of ways to stay healthy during your renovations in Montreal. Alongside with good planning; reducing health hazards and minimizing exposure to harmful substances are among the top concerns for home renovators in Montreal.
We’ve put together a few quick-tips to get your Montreal renovation off to a healthy start!

1. Have a renovation plan in place.

There will be, without a doubt, unexpected issues and expenses that arise during a renovation. So knowing this going in allows you to budget a little extra amount to cover these things. Having a renovation plan also will help you stay on track and minimize unnecessary expenses.

2. Apply for your permits early.

Make sure you have talked with your general contractor about permits in advance so you have everything sorted out from the beginning. It’s not a fun experience to be ready to work, or to have your general contractor arrive and to be waiting for your permit.
General contractors won’t be able to start the work if your permits aren’t in place, and because of the other jobs they have lined up, you could potentially be bumped further down the list and have to wait. Do your homework in advance and get any permits needed in place.

3. Move out for toxic or dangerous renovations.

In order to keep your family safe and healthy there are some instances where it is advisable to move out during a portion of your home renovation. This is particularly true for vulnerable people such as children, pregnant women and the elderly.
If you’re planning to strip, sand, and refinish floors; there will be a lot of dust and fumes floating around! Painting, sealing tile, installing floors and a many other task during a renovation use materials that emit gases and toxic substances, so moving out during these times can reduce your exposure and health risk.

4. Hire a professional to deal with dangerous substances.

 If you discover a dangerous material during your renovation (which is quite possible; especially in older homes in Montreal) call in a general contractor or other professional to deal with it. Substances such as asbestos or urea formaldehyde foam were commonly used as insulation and are dangerous to your health. They should only be removed by a professional abatement contractor.
Other situations such as rodent, insect or bird/bat infestations can also be dangerous to your health because of the droppings left behind. Wood and other materials can soak up the urine and feces from these types of creatures, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Once the droppings accumulate and dry, it can be breathed in, causing allergies and other health hazards.  Have a professional come in to assess a situation like this and deal with it safely.
Your Montreal general contractor will be able to replace and rebuild any areas contaminated by such an infestation, as well as build in a manner to prevent future infestations.
So keep your renovation on the right track and follow these easy tips! Hire a Montreal general contractor who cares about and will work together with you to keep your project and home healthy!
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