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Doing Business with A Door-to-Door Sales Representative, a Good Idea?

May 18, 2017

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The field of construction or renovation, like many other specialties, practices door-to-door sales. Whether you want to replace the roof of your home, change your windows or any other service, the representative can be subcontracted. If this is the case, will you be making a good deal choosing to sign a contract? How do you verify that this seller is honest and competent? Here is everything you need to know before signing a contract.

The Itinerant Seller: A Legal Practice

A door-to-door sales representative, commonly referred to as an Itinerant seller, acts on behalf of his own interests or that of another company. This practice is legal and governed by the Consumer Protection Office. This gives a permit, which the seller should present to you when meeting.

How Does This Work in Construction?

Several contractors in the field of construction hire representatives to make sales with a financing plan. However, many act as intermediaries and do not work directly for the company itself. These outsourced sellers often organize the sale and then transfer the contract to another. As a result, door-to-door sale representatives typically earn 15% of the sale. The finance company pocketed another 15%. Then, the contractor who acts as an intermediary and who does not do the work collects a minimum of 15% as well. In total, 45% of the cost is paid in excess by the customer over the real market value.

Tips for Making a Good Decision

It is up to you to ask questions to ensure that the person in front of you actually represents the company directly, that it has a license and that its offer is realistic. Here are some questions to guide your decision before making a purchase.

  • Do you have a permit number for door-to-door selling?
  • Do you deal directly with the company in construction?
  • Do the installers have their competency cards and license?

If you are signing, make sure that the vendor's details are entered on the contract, with its license number, prices for each good or service sold, taxes and the total price including delivery or installation costs. Do not forget that you have 10 days to cancel your contract if you change your mind.

You have the right to ask the appropriate questions so you are not tempted to choose a salesperson who offers you a great sale with a financing plan while costs could be higher than doing business directly with the construction or renovation. Take the time to compare prices! Choose a trusted general contractor who will offer you a quality property that will maximize your initial investment. Contact Dilamco if you have any questions or to hear about our services!

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