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Construction Waste Disposal: Go Green!

February 24, 2014

Construction waste disposal

Major renovation project in mind? Whether you start from scratch or tear down part of an existing building, a waste-management solution has to be part of the project.

There are a few steps that need to take place before anything is torn apart. Nowadays, many rules are in force, and you’ll have to check the municipal, provincial and federal waste management policies that will apply to your project. It is a step your renovation contractor can take care of, especially if we’re talking about a major project that will generate large amounts of waste. He can also subcontract a waste removal company to ensure effective disposal means are ready right at the beginning. Even though it is not the most exciting part of your remolding or construction project, it is a concern that needs to be addressed prior to grabbing a sledgehammer.

For smaller projects, recycling bins can be purchased at low cost. Promote such a responsible behaviour of being a conscientious citizen and recycling construction waste responsibly is green!

The 3R approach

The first step once the plan for the project itself is settled with your home contractor is to plan for waste management.

Determine what kind of waste will be produced, which could be from demolition, new material packaging or on-site work waste, for example.

Try to use most of the materials. For example, you have a plan to build a wooden garden frame in your backyard. You’re looking for a 4’-0” by 7’-0” box. The thing is standard length for lumber is 8’-0”. This means if you go for the original size you had in mind, there will be a foot of loss on every plank you use on the seven-foot side. If do make your box 4’-0” by 8’-0” instead, not only will you reduce your waste, but also the work costs because the carpenter won’t have to cut off the planks. And it won’t make the project more expensive!

Then identify and sort which can be reused and which can be recycled, and locate recycling facilities nearby. To lower the environmental impact of your project will also contribute to save on disposal fees.

Stay tuned!

Try to gather information on recycling programs implemented in your municipality. You might be surprised! Some programs might handle certain materials, while you’ll need to seek for specialized facilities suitable for the remainder of your refuse. It turns out researching for local building-material reuse networks or recycling options are more widespread than most people think. Who knows?

If you’re environmentally concerned, reducing the impact of construction and renovation projects is a step you can’t oversee, and most Montreal general contractors will keep this at the top of their mind when planning your next renovation project.

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