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Ask for green when you speak with your Montreal general contractor this summer

March 05, 2012

Ask for green when you speak with your Montreal general contractor this summer

Are you planning on going green with your home-renovation projects this spring and summer?

It seems that green renovations have been getting a bad press lately, with widespread opinion suggesting that green alternatives to regular building products are more time consuming to work with, sub standard and more expensive. And this supposedly results in a poor renovations that cost more.

Not true!

Green building materials are as good if not better than regular materials, and no more expensive, either. And by going green, you’re doing your bit to help the environment—a real 2 for 1 deal.

Here’s three ways that you can go green with your home renovation this year:

For painting projects, use house paint that has zero VOC compounds. Volatile Organic Compounds contribute to greenhouse gases and are toxic—they smell bad, too. Zero VOC paints are so safe you can even involve the kids in your painting project.

Have you seen the Cadillac of toilet systems? Dual flush toilets use different amounts of water, depending on what needs to be flushed. For your bathroom renovation, consider a dual-flush toilet and you’ll see dramatic savings in the amount of water you use.

Finally, don’t look at the old materials pulled from your home during a renovation project as waste, look at them as a recycling opportunity. Wiring, pipework, old wood flooring—even gyprock can all be recycled and help ensure that your beautifully renovated home will not be at the expense of our beautiful World.

Dilamco are a top-class Montreal general contractor that will help you realize the renovations of your dreams. And Dilamco can advise you on the best way to renovate your home in an environmentally friendly way.

For more information, contact Dilamco, today. 

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