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After a Natural Disaster: Montreal General Contractor Home Renovation Tips

August 05, 2015

After a Natural Disaster: Montreal General Contractor Home Renovation Tips

From heavy snowstorms to torrential downpours, natural disasters can wreak havoc on your home. While having your home damaged by the elements is never a good thing, there may be a bright side. It gives you the opportunity to make renovations at the same you are repairing your home and strengthening it against potential future damage. For the best results, it is important to work with one of the best Montreal general contractors, Dilamco Construction. Here a few ideas for making the most of your repair and renovation projects.

Use water resistant materials.

Did you know that floodwater carries a significant number of contaminants? If your home has suffered from water damage, your general contractor will remove all the contaminated materials, deodorize them, and kill any existing microbes with an antimicrobial. When materials are being replaced in the areas most susceptible, such as the basement, or you are adding an addition to your home, be sure they are water resistant. For example, use polystyrene instead of fiberglass, cement board instead of drywall, and cover the baseboards with a polyvinyl chloride base.

Carefully consider your flooring  options.

Any renovation contractor will tell you that your flooring often takes the brunt of the damage during a natural disaster. You should avoid carpet, laminates, and hardwood in areas of your home prone to moisture.

Opt for high quality windows.

Everything from flying debris to wind and water can damage your windows, particularly if they are not installed, sealed, and taped properly. If you have to replace your existing windows after a natural disaster or decide to as part of your renovation project, look for windows and doors that are wind rated for the best protection.

Consider your exterior options.

Brick homes, especially those constructed from waterproof brick tend to stand up best to the elements. However, you can also use stucco. If any of your home’s exterior requires paint, be sure to use an exterior paint that is designed to divert wind driven rain and withstand everything the elements may throw at it.

Don’t make the mistake of rushing your project.

When your home has sustained damage, it can be tempting to hurry through the repair process in an attempt to get your house up and running again. Unfortunately, after a natural disaster the top home contractors get booked up quickly. It is worth the time you have to wait to ensure your work is done properly. In addition, it is important to use only high quality materials that are more durable and will likely protect your home in the future.

Whether your home has sustained damages and needs repairs or you simply want to start a renovation project, contact Dilamco Construction. With a longstanding reputation for trustworthiness, honesty, professionalism, and top quality work, you can be certain your project will turn out even better than you had hoped. Contact Dilamco Construction today to schedule your free consultation.


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