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Add Needed Space with a Finished Basement

January 22, 2015

Add Needed Space with a Finished Basement

Looking for a new home for your growing family? Consider the advantages of fixing up your basement. Finishing an existing basement provides extra living space at a fraction of the cost, and time, it takes to buy and move into a new home.

What can you do with the newly claimed space? Basements are perfect for:

• a bedroom for a teen

• a bathroom, great for streamlining mornings in a busy household

• a playroom for kids, teens and adults

• storage space

• a utility room

• do-it-yourself area, with room for tools and equipment

• craft space

Very few families can’t use more space. Once you get the basement finished, you will quickly find uses for the expanded living area.

Preparing the Basement

If the ceiling is too low, a problem in many older homes, you can add height to the room by lowering the floor. This is a big job, which requires removal of the concrete slab flooring, digging down and then adding a new slab. This is a complicated, messy job requiring experience and skill. It is best to get a renovation contractor, like Dilamco, to do the work.

You also need to make sure the basement is watertight. This means making sure that the slope of the soil around the foundation faces away from the house. Inspect the drain tile system to be certain it is clear of obstruction and free from cracks.

Add as much exterior light from windows as possible. Installing large windows with large wells to the outside of your basement makes the basement look larger and more appealing, giving it the feel of a standard room instead of a cave.

Insulation for Long-Term Comfort

Be sure to add insulation as part of your refinishing project. It makes the area livable and comfortable. It will do you no good to spend the time and money to fix it up if the area is so cold in winter or so muggy in summer that no one wants to use it. Not only do people feel more comfortable, it also cuts down on your heating and cooling costs by making temperature control more energy efficient.

Fiberglass matts were the most common choice of insulating material for many years, but spray-foam has rapidly taken the number one position. It is easy to install, fills all the nooks and crannies completely and prevents condensation from developing on the concrete walls.

Installing Pipes and Wires

Plumbing and electrical work are most efficiently, and safely, done by trained experts. If you hire a Montreal general contractor to oversee the work, he can choose plumbers and electricians that have a solid reputation for reliability and excellence. This is not the time to try to save money by doing it yourself.

Walls, Floor and Ceiling

Adding drywall to finish the walls can be time consuming and requires attention to detail. It is possible for a do-it-yourselfer to perform the work, but it will probably add weeks to your finishing project. Many people rely on a home contractor to install walls, flooring and the ceiling.

When these are done, you can finish the floor yourself, paint the walls and choose light fixtures. Home improvement centers carry a wide range of paints, finishes and lighting fixtures. Staff are usually trained and able to give you reliable advice.

Using both professional help and your own sweat, you can finish your home's basement to add space for all types of family needs. Every member will find use for the extra rooms when you turn a dark, unused cave into warm, inviting family space. You also add value to your investment.


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