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A Recipe for Smooth Commercial Renovations

September 17, 2013

A Recipe for Smooth Commercial Renovations
Commercial renovations are a reality for many Montreal companies as they grow and expand beyond their original size. As businesses outgrow their humble beginning or add on new departments or processes to their daily operations, they quickly find out how hard it is to fit more in to an already full space.
One of the major benefits of choosing to undertake a commercial renovation is the fact that you can completely design your new space to meet your exact needs. Need electrical outlets every few meters? No problem. Need specialized dimensions or equipment? No problem! A commercial renovation gives you the freedom to make your addition one that fits perfectly and streamlines your operations.
There are a few important things to keep in mind when you decide to make commercial renovations, and especially here in beautiful Montreal. Skip the red tape and headaches by following our helpful tips.
PLANNING! Number one piece of advice will always be PLAN! We cannot state this enough. Planning takes the guesswork out of your project, allows you to discover potential problems and their solutions before you get started. It also allows you to develop a thorough and detailed budget; which is of particular importance for your business records and profitability. All too often an organization does a renovation project only to have it slowly drain their finances and linger on and on. This can be avoided easily.
If planning a renovation is difficult or you don’t have the right person to do it properly, hire a Montreal general contractor to help you. Someone like Dilamco has lots of experience and can quickly get you started in the right direction.
BUDGETING. Proper budgeting is obvious to most people. Especially business-minded people. In order to have a successful commercial renovation, go through your finances before you even start approaching the other details of your renovation. Make sure that at you have a crystal clear picture of the amount of money you will spend and what you can actually afford. If you plan on borrowing money from the bank for your project; get that worked out before you break ground to avoid running into any obstacles in paying for your project.
As you’re going through the planning and budgeting stage, there are a few points to take an extra look at:
  • Permits and Building Codes

Commercial building requires permits, just as residential building does. However, they are a different set of codes, so make sure to get the ball rolling on acquiring permits before you start the work.

  • Electricity

Upgrading your electrical service will very likely be necessary for your business expansion. Get your head around what you will need for electricity by assessing any new equipment, machinery or other major electrical components to be added. It’s always better to install slightly above what you think you’ll need so that you won’t find yourself cut short when it comes time to get to work.

  • Essential Services

If your doors will be open for business during the renovation, keeping essentials such as washrooms and heat/lighting are important. If this is near to impossible, consider an alternate location to work from or closing for the renovation period. If it is crucial that you remain open during the reno’s, work with a trusted Montreal general contractor like Dilamco, who can get the work done while you’re in business.

  • Safety

Safety regulations must be followed both for your business operations, and the contractor’s work site. Fire extinguishers, unobstructed exits and the likes are examples.

We hope you’ve found this article helpful! Call us today and get started on your commercial renovation project with Dilamco.
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