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5 Montreal Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

September 30, 2013

5 Montreal Renovation Mistakes to Avoid
There are many satisfying things involved in a home renovation. And there are a few very common pitfalls that people fall into when starting a home renovation project. Want to find out how to avoid them? Take a look at the five most common mistakes that people make when renovating:

Number One: Don’t Plan Your Renovation

The number one mistake that you want to avoid is poor planning or lack of planning altogether. Many people don’t properly plan for their renovation and find themselves continually being surprised by costly, unexpected items or tasks that need to be taken care of. Your renovation can quickly become a nightmare if you haven’t researched the necessary steps and requirements for your project. Take the time and do your homework. Part of this process is creating an in-depth budget.

Number Two: Don’t Check References

As obvious as this would seem, it’s surprising how few people actually take the time to check their Montreal general contractor’s references.  Just because your contractor gives you a list of references doesn’t mean they’re good ones! Or that they are even legit! Take the time to contact at least three of them and ask them questions about the following:
  • Was their work quality?
  • Did they meet deadlines?
  • Were the estimates accurate?
  • Was their pricing fair and competitive?
  • Was their team professional and courteous?
  • What about clean up after the work was finished?
If you contact the references and get honest answers you will quickly get a feel for the type of Montreal general contractor you are dealing with, whether they are good or bad.

Number Three: Not Having the Necessary Permits

It’s pretty standard knowledge that building permits are required for most home renovation projects. But a lot of people actually leave acquiring a permit till the last minute, or forego it altogether and cause them considerable inconvenience later on when they may want to sell their home or make further changes. Get your permits!

Number Four: Not Getting Insurance

If you’re adding on to your home, you’ll need to beef up your insurance policy. You want to make sure that if anything goes wrong during the renovation that you’re covered. Not to mention that the value of your home will increase and you will want to make sure that’s reflected in your insurance policy.

Number Five: Not Budgeting for Unexpected or Small Things

When you planned your renovation you accounted for big items like labour costs, countertops and cabinets; as well as other big-ticket items and materials. But did you remember to put in smaller items such as hardware and finishing materials? Some of these are very costly, depending on your choices, and can quickly run up your expense beyond what you had expected.
When starting a new renovation project, hire a Montreal general contractor who knows what they’re doing! Here at Dilamco we offer expertise and prompt courteous service that will get your job done right the first time. Give us a call!

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