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10 Common Renovation Mistakes — And How to Avoid Them

April 17, 2015

10 Common Renovation Mistakes — And How to Avoid Them

Renovating your home is a big and exciting step. This could mean a redesigned interior, customized to suit your tastes and habits. Or, it could mean an updated exterior and improved curb appeal. Either way, when you hire a renovation contractor to start making some changes around your home, you know that there will soon be something fresh and new for you to enjoy.

Of course, home renovation projects are not without their pitfalls. If you're thinking of doing a little remodeling in Greater Montreal, be sure to get in touch with Montreal general contractor Dilamco Construction. We can help you avoid these ten common renovation mistakes.

Not setting a budget.

As with any other financial endeavor, it’s important to look at how much you have to spend before you start spending. Getting started without a budget is a surefire way to spend way too much on your renovation.

Not being realistic about your budget.

 If you haven’t done any home renovating lately, you may not have a good idea about what things cost. Do your research on current prices so that you can set a realistic budget. Also keep in mind that lowballing is never a good approach, nor is spending money that you don’t have.

Not measuring properly — or not measuring at all!

Whether you’re getting new cabinets, new appliances, or just a new kitchen table, you want to make sure everything will fit. So, break out the measuring tape and write down all of your key lengths, widths, and depths. Then check your work. Then check it again. You don’t want to have an uncomfortable new space (or have to redo a completed job) because you neglected to measure properly.

Not keeping an open mind.

When you renovate a home, you’ve got lots of options. If you go in with a certain mindset (only hardwood floors, or only stainless steel appliances, for example), you close yourself off to other potential choices. Additionally, some items may be out of stock or simply unavailable for an indefinite period of time. It’s often wise to consider another option so that you’re not in renovation limbo until your final piece arrives.

Assuming layouts are unchangeable.

When you do a big interior renovation, you’re essentially starting with a blank slate. Don’t like where the kitchen sink is currently located? Ask about moving it. Unhappy with the arrangement of the bathroom? That can probably be changed too. Many times, redoing a floor plan gives you a space that’s more efficient than the original

Aiming for trendy rather than classic.

Unless you want to repaint and purchase new fixtures and appliances on an annual basis, it’s probably best to avoid odd trends and stick to clean, classic looks. Otherwise, you’ll have an extremely dated-looking home (and not in a good way).

Doing too much.

A large addition to your home may give you the extra space you crave, and expensive upgrades may make your life easier. However, these renovations may also outprice your home in your neighborhood — a big problem when it comes time to sell.

Underestimating the inconvenience.

While many renovation contractors like Dilamco Construction are sensitive to clients’ needs and try to be as courteous as possible, the reality is that when you’re doing a remodeling project, there will be people in your house on a regular basis. You’ll have to move things around, and there will be noise. If you work from home or if you have small children around during the day, you’ll either have to resolve to live with the temporary inconvenience or make arrangements to be elsewhere.

Not keeping it legal.

Here’s where having an experienced home contractor like Dilamco Construction can help you immensely in your home renovation endeavors. Our professionals will make sure your renovation is in compliance with current building codes and secure all the necessary permits so that you won’t have to redo or tear out any part of the project.

Choosing the wrong contractor.

Rather than hiring the first contractor you call or simply going with the one that provides the lowest estimate, you want to choose a knowledgeable, well-regarded, and highly experienced contractor like Dilamco Construction. You want someone who will listen to your ideas and turn them into a reality at a price that fits your budget. Give us a call today at 514-820-0773, and let’s talk about improving your home together.


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